Monday, April 27, 2009

Talent should have no face...

and what i mean is that talent as we see it... shouldn't be limited to people we judge to beautiful. Even with those annoying episodes of tv shows where they have beautiful girls whose character is that of a no-brainer.. all looks and no brains.. is the other kind... she looks quite normal in a way.. so why should she be able to sing?

I'm talking about Susan Boyle... and unless youve been under a rock for the last 2 weeks? you'd know who i was talking about.
Just go type "susan boyle" on youtube and you'l see just how massive she is... all those results and then all those views! 15million.. 2million.. crazy!!! (no one wants anyone to embed the vid it seems... what youtube trying to save bandwidth? or users trying to be the #1 susan boyle hit video? pfft!!!)

shes been called the next paul potts?!! even "paula potts" But I'm sorry, i think he is the next step up, perhaps it was just song choice..

I usually rush out when ET is on, the other day as i did i heard one of their stories coming up "Susan boyle and her new makeover". Something inside me groaned... something inside me thought "so shes pretty now? plastic surgery perhaps? already?!"

But when i saw pictures later online... of this "makeover" the eyebrows were tamed, a bit of lippy and maybe a hair colour? (can't remember exactly) You can still see that it is her, same unruly curly hair, flat face etc...

How does one handle "overnight stardom" Must be a thrill to ride and yet the crash? (i guess while youre having fun you wouldn't think about the end of it..)
So while im glad she didn't get a full makeover, botox, hair straightening, wardrobe etc.. i think if i was in the spotlight so much as she is... then wouldn't i be wanting it?! lol...

She has been invited on oprah... simon cowell has talked alot about her saying she should focus on winning, on doing better... i think after weve all ooo-ed and ahh-ed over her song we should be giving her space to breathe, to get on with it, to focus... 4 weeks till the semi final. Time will tell!!! :)

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Jenna said...

Susan Boyle is like so strange. Everything that I was going to say you've said it so yeah.

maria said...

Hmmm.. surprised I hadn't left a comment here yet! I had read it before. Speaking of which.. sometimes when you've told me that you've commented on one of my blog posts. it is true you have sometimes.. but you've put the comment in another post.. or have emailed it instead. Some of the time.. I mean. My apologies if I haven't mentioned that to you before.

I've been saying to people I think Susan Boyle reminds me of "stage greats".. you know great stage/theatre performers.. with huge, wonderful voices. I wonder if she can act?