Sunday, November 23, 2008

NO TAKEAWAY/FAST FOOD Challenge 3wks!!!

Starting Monday 24th Nov.
Ending Monday 15th Dec.

If you'd like to join in on the challenge, leave a comment and then drop in once in awhile as i'd love to hear how your doing!

I was pretty successful in the times ive done it.. i remember some 2 years back when i went months without any bad fast food! And while sticking to any "plan" has not been planned or implemented successfully over the past 4months (with the aid of being tired, breastfeeding, busy many excuses)

For me I will be passing up the usual fast food (kfc, pizza, macdonalds, chips.. pretty much all that we have thats on offer a 5minute walk or ph/net order away)..
I will instead be having salad sandwiches, veggie subs, ham n salad subs, (not the meat n cheese subs) steamed dim sims or home-made (no i dont own a deep fryer).

I'm wondering whether i should include cake, donuts, thick shakes also??!!.. baby steps i think for the first week? We shall see how it all goes!

So my first steps for a successful week will be:
1) Meal planning (including new recipes to avoid eating out due to 'boring' meals)
2) Buying ingredients for the planned meals.
3) Eat brekkie/lunch/dinner b4 going out.
4) If out walk towards the short line of subway not the huge line up of kfc/maccas.
5) Throw out pizza coupons & forget about the online sites of pizza vouchers.
6) Include perhaps a tray of oven fries (no extra added oil) or home made pizza planned for the weekend.
7) Have some fuss free meals (stag chili in a can & cc's, canned soup, dim sims) available in case i'm tired.
8) Blogging about the week challenge wise next sunday!

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maria said...

That IS a challenge!

Oooh, can I do it? I've been incorporating junk each week (usually Fridays after weigh-in), but I've been walking to compensate and also have planned meals too as you know. But I have looked to some junk after weigh-in like an addict to be honest. Like ooh..what can I have?

The pizza coupons and ALL coupons do need to be thrown out - it's something I have not done yet. I have held onto them like they are $20 notes or something. Always "just in case".. it really shows that I have ways to go with my mind! Often I've thought about just cleaning out all of the coupons.. the ones in the car, the ones in the bottom drawer and the ones in my purse/handbag. I should really do it!

I think your 8 point list is great! I'm really proud of you too!

Paul is wanting to buy me Subway tomorrow and already I've thought over and over about what I'll have. I was thinking along the lines of you. No cheese. Actually maybe forgoing the bread and having a Roast Chicken salad with mayonnaise.. only 3 points or if I have double or triple the mayo it'll be 4 or 5.

From my Eating Out guide, I can share the following:

Lowest point bread options:

Carb Conscious Wrap and Deli Style 60g round roll 2.5pts

Wheat 3 points

White & Parmesan Oregano 3.5 points

(Everything else higher)


6" Subs made with white or wheat bread (doesn't make sense when white bread is listed as higher):

-Veggie Delite 3.5
-Roast Beef 4
-Ham, Roast Chicken Breast, Subway Club, Turkey, Turkey & Ham 4.5 points
-Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 5.5
-Cheese Steak / Subway Melt 6.5
-Tuna 7
-Chicken Fillet 7.5
-Italian BMT & Chicken & Bacon Ranch 8
-Meatball 9.5
-Spicy Italian 10

Deli Sandwiches (rolls)

Ham, Beef or Turkey 3.5

Salads (no dressing)

Roasted Chicken or Subway Club 2

Veggie Delite 1

Tuna 4.5

Condiments (Extra's)

Cheddar Cheese 1

Chipotle Southwest Sauce 21ml 1.5

Honey Mustard 21ml .5

Mayonnaise 15ml 1

Ranch 21ml 1.5

Sweet Onion 21ml .5

Thousand Island 21ml 1.5

Sauces scary because I'm sure sometimes they put on 2 to 3 serves which is how I like it.. but gosh.. the points add up.

All cookies 3.5 except White Chip macadamia is 4.5

You have some great ideas.. and I applaud you!

I'll be making dumplings this week from my Dim Sum book. I keep being told that making the pastry is nigh we'll see! I have bought special flours too.

Wow.. can I do this no fast food challenge? The reason why I ask..and that I don't immediately jump to the word 'Yes!' is because I am implementing so many changes at once.. I've looked at Fast Food as like a security blanket. The truth is.. Fast Food will still be there in 3 weeks time won't it?

Ok.. I will support you and I will do it too because it's something I should be able to do and it will be my 'undoing' if I think I can't go for 3 weeks without a burger.

I'll put it on my sidebar.. Thanks for the challenge! ^^

Sunday, 14th of December a couple from church are being married during our normal 10.15am service. They have invited everyone and said "No need to RSVP, no gifts, Krispy Kreme doughnuts served in foyer after ceremony". This morning I was already thinking "I better not even start with one". I have said no to KK's at church before (we have American Pastors.. they have treated us with them in the past). They are lovely doughnuts..but they fall within the challenge period.. lol!