Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fast Food challenge week 1 complete

I did it!!!!!!!!
I went to macdonalds on day 1 or 3 (cant remember) but we only had iced coffee's, tia had a pink donut (i didn't even taste a single pink delicious sprinkle).
Tia and I went out around 11.30am, bad time to go out! We came home at 3pm and had lunch!
I did not go late night shopping til hubby is on his way home/meeting me out and then eating kfc on thursday, friday night!
Tia and i sat down at a milk bar/corner shop/hot food shop for 40mins while we waited for 3.15pm to walk back near kinder to the school & then buying school uniform. Could have easily asked for a burger with the lot (like everyone else) but relaxed in the air con, with flav water & magnum expresso ice cream x.x
Went out shopping on saturday, did not have lunch out!
(Alyssa was cranky on/off from 5am til 7am, when she decided she was fully awake) on sunday was/is uber tired... did not feel like going shopping for milk.. did not feel like cooking.. thought seriously bout pizza.. how easy it would be.. then wondered if hubby would cook *sigh* ended up going out shopping to woolies, grabbing stuff coming home and cooking dinner!
Mula saved= $60-90!!!!

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maria said...

Well, my hat goes off to you Tiffany, I'm so proud of your choices! I have failed. I didn't throw away the 2 Cheeseburgers for $2 card and I gave-in and ate them last week! Dohh! But I'm straight back to the challenge. I'd like to think I haven't abandoned it. We had Subway last week twice.. or I did.. Paul paid for one of the chicken salads I had.. as it was with him.

You really saved that much money not buying takeaway? I don't find it any cheaper if I cook because I'm soooo into food and ingredients and 'will just buy this for a rainy day'.. that I spend all of my money on wonderful food at the supermarket! Maybe it's different buying for one adult and child than it is for two adults and child?

Yeah, so my food money, especially if I'm cooking a different WW meal every single night is very costly on my purse strigs. Cooking from books can be expensive (as you know)! x.x I've realised that this is who I am. I love junk and takeaway but essentially I also love good food..and **love** to make/try recipes from books/mags because I get irritated by having all of these magazines and books and the notion that 'one day' I'll make this or that. Have done that for years. I am loving using the recipes I have and especially being able to share them on my blog and hopefully inspire people to cook more.. Jamie's Ministry of Food and all of that ;)

However! If the budget is tight I can only afford to do a couple of recipes maybe for the week and the rest has to be economical stand-by's. Like chicken breasts (one between Jenna and I) with baked tater and salad leaves. Lean pork mince meatballs & same side dishes. Or jasmine rice in the rice cooker.. Stir fry with frozen vegies & noodles.

Anyway.. again, am proud of your efforts & my advice is **Keep Going**! **w00t** !!

maria said...

p.s. Who is the better cook, you or James?