Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Pudding Trial

Christmas is 23 days away! No longer months, but weeks and days! Im trying to be organized (if you call leaving it to late nov/early dec) before the mad rush of christmas sales, the crowds and being in lovely company of friends & family. Finding table stuff e.g servingware (since i have very little), more wine glasses, placemats, bon bons, probably another dinner set?!, cheese knife) At least this year! Being that we are usually guests and do the mad shopping on christmas eve or the days before as prezzies dont normally fit in suitcases (altho theres always room for a xbox 360 and laptops?!!) This year we will be at home with family visiting! Whoot!

Ive got all the sweets sorted; Pistachio & cherry macaroons but will change to almonds & cherry?, gingerbread men, white christmas version of choc crackles, little choc balls that look like puddings, gingerbread house, shortbread, christmas bark (white choc and smashed candy canes), stained glass effect cookies, rum balls, perhaps a hedgehog slice), the pudding & cake worked out. (might settle for bought custard?! lol!)

I have one smoked salmon on a herb frittata (i dont eat fish but others do) little appetizier recipe(recipes+ dec 08 mag), a jar of semi dried tomatoes, 3 jars red, white, green of cocktail onions (gee i hope someone likes cocktail onions lol!) so im working on a deli meat/cheese/antipasto? platter.

Some sort of roast meat, gravy, potatoes, carrots, green salad.
Some sort of undecided cocktail? Punch, Wine(not in charge of) & soft drink..

BHG Issue Dec2004 The pudding above
(my modified recipe for a 5cup pudding tin)
530g of mixed dried fruits (currants, sultanas, minus the peel)
100g of extra glace cherries chopped
3/4 cup of brandy (not halved like rest of ingredients! if u dont like do orange juice?)
1tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup of brown sugar (meant to be dark brown)
1 tsp of golden syrup (meant to be treacle)
2 eggs
125g soft butter
3/4 cup plain flour
1/3 cup self raising flour
bit of cinnamon, mixed spice n nutmeg

grease tin/basin/bowl with butter & line.
Add fruit to bowl (look for sultana stalks) add brandy & let sit for 20mins
add cherries, vanilla, gsyrup & mix.
add sugar, butter, eggs & stir.
Sift flours & spices. Stir well.
Spoon into basin/bowl/tin.
place basin/bowl/tin in a larger pot/pan so the water comes up half way. place in oven 160deg cel for 3hrs.

*Very nice pudding. Hubby says its very sugary, i think thats due to all the sultannas/fruit etc! As i dont remember even adding the sugar?! I somewhat wanted more 'pudding' and less fruit in this! The pudding is lovely and soft when warmed!(not rubbery or crumbly) Obviously the pudding would have been darker if i used the dark brown sugar and treacle (both i didnt have) Also if you add the cherries in with the alcohol and leave to soak the colour will bleed out, which doesnt effect the end result at all.. just weird seeing red coloured brandy!

The thing is i dont want the cake & pudding to be basically the same e.g both dark or both light. I am a fan of store bought light fruitcake over the dark... perhaps coz its not so strong and i can eat more of it?! lol! (oh thats sad!)

My kitchen was in such a mess with ingrediants everywhere on this day.. or night rather these pics were taken at 11pm. (with one downlight working in the kitchen!)

I dont think it needed the greaseproof paper. And if your a dill like me and try to up-end it on a plate after spending hours in the fridge.. let it come to room temperature as the 'greasing' kinda chills it into place! ROFL!

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maria said...


I love the look of this cake!! So it's not a boiled cake...but it looks like a traditionally boiled Christmas pudding!

Paul paid a fortune for the ingredients last year and I doubled the recipe but not the cooking time..so it didn't work out as it should have. But we really enjoyed the cooked bits very much! Paul said it was like his Nanna's traditional pudding.

Seriously this cake looks wonderful. I don't mind 'rubbery'..rather than dry and cakey..but this looks tres-moist and not dry in the slightest?!

When I read your list of things that you're making.. man.. that is quite some list!! I'm glad you've got this opportunity to be creative and also host this year.. even though that has to be challenging with a small child and a baby! I don't know how you will do it..but I support you!!

When I read the title I initially thought it read "Christmas pudding Thai".. like it was a Thai Christmas cake.. rofl!! Maybe palm sugar and coconut milk in it? Lol!

Does your salmon and herb frittata have pieces of cooked potato in it? I only ask because I'm not partial to smoked salmon in a cooked dish, but if it has potato it is wonderful, especially when served with WW sourcream mixed with a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of dried dill. Is it you that hates dill?

Anyway I hope you find all the other things you need to find before the day. ^^