Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thats a bit rich

The last hmm rant for 2008?The whole world vision tom costello going on about how paris $120 or so a minute spending spree grand total of $5000 could have fed a whole village.. has me cranky. Im no paris wannabe (clearly im no size 0, 6 or whatever size it is that should you eat a cheeseburger, the tabloids instantly think you have a baby bump) and Im no paris fan. I own 0 perfumes and 0 of everything else paris sells or sold out too..
Yes its great when charities get publicity but instantly creating hype, publicity... Charities may be doing it tough as we all are??!! (apparently) but isnt that because some would be richer people have just lost a ton of money (in stocks or currency).. i read that elle macphersons sister declared herself bankrupt with $8 in the bank just the last week.. that and we have big companies closing e.g starbucks closed 50 stores this year ahead of the wall st/big us banks crash.. but then theres local factories like truck makers, car makers... but im getting off track. Yes its horrendous that kids die much 2 often from "preventable" diseases, from bad water & sanitation, from starvation.. much would be easier if certain continents got off their backsides and say outed mugabe (like stage some sort of harrold holt disapearance. no offence 2 holt family) if they could figure out the fianances, if the governements had gr8 people, with gr8 aids & advisers... getting off track. yes poor countries can help their people, yes they need money to do it.. yes people should be given free medicine (why dont they set something up that part of the money the doctor gets for aussie imms goes towards the drug companies immunisating others in poor countries for free?) Why can't all charities globally work together? in some sort of way place by place systematically immunise and give clean water and so forth? Why dont all charities disclose how the money is spent each year? I know compassion does.. but what of other charities say salvos, red cross etc etc..
Paris spending money and getting a nice 50% off her clothes (due to working with the designer a few yrs back) is good for our economy.. she would have paid gst even! A dollar spent in australia is a good dollar!

next on my list... lol
the new mayor of melbourne *groans* how i miss the old dude! This new one.. "bogan it up at home" implying that only bad dressed and groomed people get drunk in public places in the city?! Yes i hate hate hate hate drunk people walking my street. In newcastle we lived down the street of a pub.. i also hate drunks on the road, train or nearby....
I know some people think new years is a "piss up"... honestly why would u want the first day of the year to be spent with a hangover? or waking up in a place you dont remember? or being one of those weirdo's who crashed on the beach usually filmed by a news crew?(LOL!) 2 say something like bogan it up at home and then say bogans are welcome? umm??? which foot is he standing on? i for one am glad im not spending NY staying in the formula 1 hotel in the city where the walls are paper thin..... its worse enough when people decide to take phone calls out in the hallway?!!


i was in the carpark at the shopping centre on my way home walking with tia and alyssa in the pram. When this female driver hooned around the corner like being a nutjob.. how much noise and how fast can i go around a 90deg corner?! like should i be impressed of the power steering?! if that wasnt enough.. there was a secruity officer (female) who stoped and talked to the woman (in 30s) driving with a lollipop i may add.. and the driver denied doing anything wrong!! she didnt do anything unsensible.. the secruity officer couldnt believe it and wrote down the number plate.. i dont know what she plans 2 do with that but yeah.. i mean come on.. yes she didnt hurt anyone but still denying it.. gah x.x

the ugly..
the latest in the israel war.. i have 2 admit i had been away from the news to know when they got serious straight up. I support israel, i hate that innocents and civillians have died.. however for many it is a stubborn choice 2 live there in the first place and to have "voted" hamas in (i do understand that leaving after it was locked in would be tough) I do feel for the women and children and the families anyone innocent.. i do believe that a day will come when the USA stops backing israel. I think its numbers 33 i always think of when something palestine vs israel comes to mind..

anyways enough of my rants and israel biggotry(i am flawed)

Everyone have a great new years, a safe, happy, healthy, debt free new year!! :)
(sounds good dont it!)

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maria said...


I've just read this post and will come back to comment.. (getting ready to go out now)..but then I caught site of your baby-gaga meter thing. It says "It's a girl". Is that still left there from Alyssa? It's too early to tell isn't it? You haven't found out yet have you? I thought you had to be around 18 to 20wks to find out? Forgive me.. I did have my baby well over 13yrs ago! Lol!

Just curious..wondering if I have stumbled across new info!! ^^

I hope you enjoy your roast tonight and the Portuguese tarts if you have them ^^ Yum!


Jenna said...

All I can say is you took thw words right outta ma mouth. You GO GIRL! XXoo

maria said...

I agree.. spending thousands here on our shores is a good thing for our economy. How Paris spends her money is between her and God.. and maybe her accountant.

How news-slack am I.. I didn't even know Melbourne had a new mayor! "Bogun it up at home"? I agree with what you said there too.

I am sooo glad that you and the girls weren't harmed with that reckless driver in the carpark. Honestly to think you could lose your life or your kids could in a carpark near home.. that is so scary. You have to be so careful in carparks even as a driver.

I was surprised/interested to read that you felt one day the USA would not support Israel.. but yeah I hear you and there will be changes/surprises in this world. I need to look at my bible with concordance (notes) to see if there is anything in more explanatory depth about Numbers it confuses me a bit.