Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas is here..

Our christmas tree went up on the 2nd of december.. so ive been meaning to post for awhile now! ^^

We have the tree up and decorated (well there are some more decorations around somewhere along where the stockings are hiding)

Only enough batteries for one string of lights! >< We have i think 3 or 4 strings of LED battery powered lights. I have been tempted to buy some cheap plug in lights, as they have come down in price heaps this year! But no... its bit dangerous with the kids, the kittens and the battery ones mean the tree can be anywhere and not somewhere near a power point!

This christmas i do intend on getting a battery recharger, but finding the right one that is good enough (the come with numbers now 2550, 2650 etc) to recharge batteries for the digital camera & wii remote is a must!

James put the star on top of the tree, he enjoys doing his little contribution..
that portrait photo of us on the wall was taken when we were engaged! We were both so young & skinny back then! hehehe

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maria said...

So glad there's an update!! ^^ The only time you'll ever hear me say I want a "Dust fix" ^^ lol ! I only need to look around my lounge room for the 'other' version...

LOVED looking at your photo's and I was like "Awwwww" @the photo on the wall.. the 'young and skinny' years lol! Maybe in '09 you can get new young and skinny photo's done? Yeah!! ^^

Thanks for sharing your tree and the info re: battery powered lights which I DIDN'T know existed!? We have one set of lights plugged in..but it's awkward and inconvenient.

Thanks for the pics! Love sharing in your life that way.. ^^ And we get to see your man too - does he read Dust?

Tia looks as cute as ever.. such a pretty girl.

So you're still without an oven? ><