Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tough holidays

Most christmas movies are filled with that good cheer, joy and coming together thats uplifting. E.g We watched Eloise at christmas? movie last night. It was awesome, i at 26 enjoy her cartoon so i liked the movie too.. (which is rare having such a good match from cartoon to real life) Tia enjoyed the movie also. And lately what the last 10-15years the majority of christmas movies now revolve around comedy, the what else could possibly go wrong now?! theme.. what weird in-law thing will they do next?

And then there's life.... i dont think ive seen a movie and gone yup that's what uncle marty did last christmas (i dont have a uncle marty) i remember the long car trips to visit my grandparents, in the back with my brother and sister "are we there yet?" will come back to haunt me.. lol.. and i can't say anything went wrong.. no missing presents/luggage, hitch hikers, not even a stop to get food.. maybe my parents got lost but i wouldnt know..

I am thankful that my family has stayed safe at christmas. I have no compassion for those caught drink/drugged driving at any time of the year.. and i deeply feel for anyone who as a bumper sticker i see on my walk to tia's kinder and now school says "ive been touched by the road toll" it just makes you stop and think! While everyone is getting upset at burning some food, dropping a bottle of wine or destroying a ornate metre long ceiling light with the champayne cork and having the shards rain down on the table full of christmas lunch (my dad did that, sure ive mentioned it b4. The kids got fed, the adults sat down and well.. christmas lunch was thrown out, vaccummed and mopped up. ) We all have each other and can think and pray for that someone who is spending a christmas without their loved one.

have u seen the andrew o'keefe vid yet? i cannot imagine how mad his wife is!!!! Everyone is busy concerned bout how seven tried to buy it out or something.. yet what about his wife?
another bummer christmas goes to the Johnston & Palin families... Sarah palins daughter (18) is due to give birth in a week and her mother in law has just been charged with 6 counts of producing, distributing narcotics! I dont think any of us saw that coming! imagine if mccain did win what then would happen now?

I suppose you only have to watch the news on any given week to hear that a family will be missing someone for christmas, birthdays and other holidays.
Ive only lost my great gran, 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 bird, 3 fish, 50+ mice, 1 rabbit and i do miss them, i do think back and remember them fondly, the good times, the letters, cards and visits.
Ive been blessed that my children are safe and healthy, that they arent in/out of hospital, on a transplant waiting list.. and that they are still here with us on earth.

This christmas amongst all the sweets im making, the nice food and company i will take time out to pray for those finding christmas difficult & thank God that this christmas all my family have one another (even if they all dont get along)

God bless and have a awesome time with the family you do have close by.
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Jenna said...

That was so touching.. that would be hilarious if john maccain won... and all that crap had fallen onto america.. ha!

maria said...

Thanks for your wishes in this post hunny!! (Never called you that before)..!

I've not seen the Andrew O'Keefe vid -just on purpose. I'm like.. "oh gosh, it just isn't my business". But not condemning anyone who has seen it either.. who knows I might? So I have no idea why his wife would be particularly upset.. other than being filmed drunk.. I don't know what the specific content of the video is.

Today, 24 years ago my Mum had her car accident that took her life on Christmas day.. well.. she was revived and died in the wee hours of the 26th.. but you know what? I really don't dwell on it.. When I told 'J'.. she was concerned for me. But I assured her all was ok.24 years is a long time. I think I've been able to create Christmas into something new

Christmas's with my uncle/aunt/cousins were the most traumatising (in the years following).. and we are all 'estranged' now. I chased after (and was hurt by) them for years and they are just non-caring people who showed no respect.. so after my Dad died in '04 I was like "You know what? I choose to spend Christmas elsewhere now, my life is my own". I didn't say it directly to them..but they told me that it was up to me to contact them and come around, I was always welcome but they would not be ringing me or going to see me because they don't 'chase' anyone (they said that in front of Paul too.. when I introduced him to them way back when). Long story!! My uncle is an alcoholic. But my cousin Val, their daughter (who was closer to me than a sister) cut me off over the most ridiculous incident.. and I still have dreams about her and miss her. She relocated herself to Qld I heard and has sworn my sisters to secrecy.. like a witness protection program thing that I'm not to know where she lives. wtf??? We are all baffled by that one. It's because of her (2nd) husband.. (long story)..

Soooo.. I take each Christmas at face value.. each one for what it is..and try and make the best of things. Christmas is soooo much better being a parent. Parenthood is life enriching in ways my sisters don't even know yet (they don't have kids, one is 33, the other 37, nearly 38).

Oh I'm going off on all sorts of tangents aren't I?!

This Christmas is now special to me. We got to spend time with you and meet the additional members of your family.. Also.. it was of paramount importance to me that Fred include us in his plans even though I wasn't sure how I'd feel about being included/participating. The sentiment/gesture is what I needed and it happened. More has happened since.. (as far as positive developments).

So this Christmas is proving to be 'unique'..I can say that at least.

I learned today my sister in Bris with the spouse who works for virgin Blue.. They have $1,000 worth of free flights to use.. so she's heading up to Sydney for her birthday in Jan. to have lunch with my other sister for the day. Later in Jan. ..she will come down here for 4 days.. she hasn't been to Geelong in 9 years, not since my 30th. That will be awesome.. all part of the Christmas/Holiday period.

I couldn't remember you mentioning the light bulb smashing and all the glass going over the food.. OH.. MY... GOODNESS. Throwing out the meal!!! Goes to show you have to be careful hey?! I'll have to tell that story on Christmas day! "My friend Tiffany, well her Dad..." ^^

maria said...

p.s. I forgot to mention I didn't even know of "It's me, Eloise". Not having a child in that age bracket to watch most of the childrens television on ABC.. I'm out of touch a bit with what's 'current'. Glad you liked the movie!