Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oddities, Solids, Poo & biting..

I realized something odd, peculiar today... on the usual walk to pick tia up from kinder, something i do 2 days a week.. and i never thought about this before until today. Its no biggie.. no "scoop".. (so if i talk it down will it then be more interesting?) err.. anyways..
Ive said before that the suburb in which i live has a macdonalds on a main road (just like back in newcastle it too had a jenny craig office next to it for a bit, until they pulled out. Right next to maccas, across the road from korean food, henny penny, subway, dominos and the cheesecake shop! LOL! ) anyways this maccas in my current 'burb, opposite it is ww office and on its other opposite is jenny craig. ww has the better spot as its neighbour is subway and more in the hub (some of us are just to lazy to cross one more set of traffic lights away from the hub?)

and as i was walking.. (no biggie.. like dont be disapointed..) i thought it was odd that right next to a "all you can eat" resturant was a gym! I immediately thought, you know had any of the health junkies thought or dreamed on binge eating and then going back to a spin class? lol.. had anyone looked at their reflection in the tinted windows of the resturant and then hurried over for a gym membership. I also thought, well they have cardio tv... do you feel odd walking or running on the treadmil while watching a hungry jacks commercial? or feel the need for drive thru kfc or red rooster to feed the family?

I hate walking past the gym when theres a spin cycle class on... you can see right in on the 2nd floor.. all these people sweating away and I just swear that their sweaty faces and tired legs just get a sudden burst of energy as they watch all that wobbles on this body of mine as i walk into their view! lol.

When walking past a gym i always try to see if anyone rode a bike... i dont know if that screams louder gym monkey or health freak.. or whether it makes those who drive to and from the gym lazy? Very judgemental i know... something i will have to break. Inconsiderate too, i mean what if their shedules dont allow even watching the news? or what if they live 3 suburbs away.. or what if they spend all their disposable income on gym they can't afford a bike, or what if they have some medical condition? or what if they dont want to risk their lives riding on the same road with bad drivers? There are no airbags on bikes.. no 'safety cage'...

Yes i am on a roll with ranting tonight!!!!!! and i thought i was tired? or maybe im overtired and cranky! lol!

to the subject of poo...
(nah this isn't going as down hill as you think....)
Alyssa occasionally has a bottle, altho its once a day.. if that! If i need to be leaving the house in 5mins and she is screaming.. a bottle! If i will be out during her next feed and have no option for privacy then i will take a bottle (not yet, but i think for tia's kinder concert last day party where i will be staying, i guess...) and if ive had enough of biting, tender and fearful that im going to be nibbled on again.. BOTTLE! Ive long had the "if you bite YOU WILL BE WEANED!" thing going on.. Tia bit me a few times around 7 months and that was it! But this time around i wanted to get past the biting, had i known Alyssa would be teething at 3months old!!!!??!!! I might have changed my mind bout that!!!..

Alyssa has also started solids (2 weeks now? off/on 1/2 a little jar at 6pm after a feed. She has moved that screaming down the house time from 8pm to 6pm! Feeding at 10-12, 2-3, 5-6 and cranky wanting out of bed & cuddles by 6.40-7am right when we are trying to get the last minutes of sleep!

Alyssa dislikes rice cereal.. and so the odd thing is she is completely on bought pureed carrot baby food(i dont have a blender). She loves it! Not into apple (like Tia) but carrots and it must have been on special as i have a ton of carrot baby food in the pantry! I think i'll start to add a bit of carrot to rice cereal (is meant to be more digestible) and freeze the rest of the jar in ice cube trays (as it says keep for 48hrs)

Her poo went from a odd smelling baby breast bub yellow poo (which i really like AS its a newborn, young baby thing i suppose.. it only lasts awhile & then its brown and being used as a art tool or in a nappy left on the floor by a bare bum toilet training toddler) to a brown, with occasional runny patches of watery carrot (gee i hope no 1 is eating this.. i mean lol. i hope no 1 is eating while reading this.. lol..) and the last 2 days she has had little hard stools.. so i think she is constipated! x.x Surely she can't have poo with any sort of form/hardness yet?!

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maria said...

Yes, I am still eating my late lunch, lol! Leftover pasta from last night (half a serve and Jenna will get the rest as her after-school snack).. and a small salad.
Had an apple and a coffee and a 4grain/seed dinner size roll too.. because I was pretty bad and didn't have brekky today (what with THE phone call..and I went for a walk too).

Anyway! I LoVE these beautiful photo's of Alyssa! Especially the 1st one with dummy-in-mouth. I miss Jenna being at that stage. She was just a joy. Can you email me these?

Jenna's fav baby food was carrots too! And pumpkin (from jars.. I chose jars after researching.. and being convinced it was the best choice nutritionally and for convenience). Did it help that I had a chunky folder sent to me by Heinz or whoever with pages and pages of facts..and some freebies? O.O They 'informed' me. ;)

I figured Jenna liked the sweetness of the carrots and pumpkin whereas apple was more acidic.. She didn't like that as much. Jenna didn't have rice cereal either from memory.

Anyway.. all I can think of for constipation is more fluids? But this could be nutrionally detrimental.. so the professionals would know best, I don't want to ill-advise you!

Driving to the gym is often the best way because it's about time managment and convenience. A bike ride could be half an hour away from home or add half an hour to an hour of the time you allocate to the gym and that just eats into your day and could mean the difference between choosing to go or not. We used to live a 5 min bike ride away from the gym and Paul would often ride...and sometimes I would too...but I mostly liked the convenience of the car.. I mean, if I've put an hour in at the gym and sweated etc.. That needs to be enough, rather than be all puritanical about it (is that the term?) and feel guilty that I could have ridden. I was paying the gym to make me sweat, so no guilt there and the bike came out only if I felt like it.

Paul said that when he lived in Mulgrave (Melb) there was a Macca's beside the gym and he'd drive from the gym car park, down a ramp into the Macca's drive-thru and get two McFeasts and eat them in the car on the way home. Kind-of cancelled out his workout..but I guess it was still good for his circulation and fitness somehow to exercise rather than not? O.O

If gyms have windows in full view of pedestrians..I tend not to look. I don't like the feeling that they have satisfaction or potentially big heads that they're working-out and I'm not.. lol!