Thursday, July 10, 2008

Double standards.. fallout 3 rant **warning drug content**

ugh! Fallout 3 the much awaited sequel in the fallout series.
I remember playing one of the fallout games, it was a turn based action, rpg? Fallout- being whats left of the world after a nuclear fallout, so rats, bandits, pubs and travelling... everyone for themselves.
Fallout 3 would be a R18+ game, which arent allowed for sale in Australia. Only games M15+ can be sold? I remember back in the old days, where the latest tekken, thats right a playable tekken demo in a video shop had curtains around it, just so the lil kiddies didnt see.. fair enough, not that i can remember whats in tekken that wasnt in Dead or alive or something..
All this because of realistic drug use.. Im sorry??? what???
I can play the games;

Saint Row, i can walk into a shop and buy bongs and smoke them (the character not me) from memory there were other drugs and alcohol you can buy in game as well..

Bioshock M15+ (British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award for Game of the Year, 2007. ), how can i paint the picture for you? well u can see for yourself, its 34secs into this you-tube vid

hmm nothing quite realistic like a huge needle *shudders* I did enjoy that game a bit.. being a hero! :D

thats only 2 i could rattle off the top of my head..
Double standards no doubt..

1) gamers are mostly 30+ year old males..
2) what parents buy their kid(s) a M15+ game?
3) Its ok for movies to have sex scenes, ok for brothels, ok for all those naughty adds right next to the garage sale adds in the newspaper, ok for music vids 2 have half naked booties... but not ok for a game to have a sex scene, pixels people! its just pixels!! :) and it shouldnt be a game that a parent or anyone would buy for a child!!


Gail said...

I'm not into the 'game' world but just want to comment on your 'point no.3'. I actually think it's NOT ok for all those things that you have listed to occur. Hence shouldn't be justification for more inappropiate actions. I think it's sad that the things you listed have become an accepted 'norm' by a silent majority. When will people speak up? OK off my soap box for now, it's the wee hours of the morning and I tend to waffle on. Love Gail
Oh and congratulations on your new addition, I hope all is going well.

Tiffany said...

i agree also with po.3 that all those things.. well the brothels bit and yes the half naked sexed up music vids erk me too and the dirty personals column.. i guess i miscommunicated that un-christian people find all that stuff ok and yet pass judgement on stuff that isnt 'real' as it not being ok..

latest news on fallout 3 game is that its been modified completely all over the world, not just for aussies.. the game still has the drugs in it but are using the names used in the previous fallout game, which makes sense.. (problem they had with drugs they were named after 'real' drugs morhpine etc..)