Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the midwife booking appointment

Monday i had the midwife booking appointment. The appointment where they figure youre to lazy to read the pamphlets they give you to read while you wait in the waiting room to see the midwife... the appointment that you go to where they also point out and circle in pen the phone numbers you need in call, in case something happens, in case your in labour, in case you have a question...
the appointment where they ask you 40 questions, that no doubt get asked at every appointment..
It went well, she said something bout being a bit late.. i shrugged it off saying something bout can never be to late to which she said something bout those who never see midwives and come in and deliver bubs in a tsk tsk naughty mothers tone.
I took in my birth plan, i winced at how many bits of bold text i had used, perhaps i should have done the same and circled the 'assuming all goes well', 'id like the option too'.. as the midwife hmm-ed thru it.. and then said id have to sign a consent form about not getting the synotocin jab to deliver the placenta *groans* i didnt want to do that, i wanted the option to decline it if all is well and to have it if it wasnt going all well..
The next point was that with a IV the tube bit that goes in, i would be better mobile if it was in my hand.. as opposed to it being in my arm.. which i had heard makes you more able to walk around etc.. ive never had a IV drip, so i have no clue.. if they put one in me and tell me i wont be able to walk i'll be very tempted to take it out and walk.. (during labour)
the next point she bought up was "hmm they wont be too happy about that" oh? "during a emergency cesear at frankston hospital. they dont want the hubby/partner in the same room, its too traumatic", Hubby who was there said that he had seen worse.. Which had me thinking.. whats more traumatic being right next to me, holding my hand (whether im awake or not) or more traumatic watching behind glass.. i mean come on.. and what bout me? if im awake, all by myself with alien looking doctors how traumatic is that going to be to me!??!! "they" dont have to like it, they just have to make it happen the way i want it! :D

So i went home, took out some lines, changed others, reduced the amount of words in bold..
Birth Preferences
(using a template from

We’re hoping for a natural childbirth without unnecessary interventions or the use of drugs. We appreciate your support with our birth preferences.This plan represents our preferences; however we recognise that in the event of unforeseen difficulties it may need to be re-negotiated. Please discuss all options with us.
We would like the birth experience to be respectful and private as we know this is conductive to a successful birth, with minimal interruptions, quiet voices and dimmed lighting.


§ I’d like the freedom to choose positions and walk around in labour as desired.

§ I’m happy to have intermittent external fetal monitoring unless continuous monitoring is medically necessary.

§ Please don’t offer drugs; I am aware of the options for pain relief and will ask for it if needed.

§ As long the baby and I are fine, I would prefer to be free of time limits and not have my labour augmented.

§ I would like to deliver in any position that feels right to me at the time, including on the floor. I wish to avoid being on the bed in a back-lying position.

§ I’d only like an episiotomy if there is a genuine medical emergency. Please allow time for the perineum to stretch naturally. I prefer a small tear to an episiotomy.


Presuming baby and I are well, we’d like:

§ The option for my Husband or myself to ‘catch’ our baby

§ To discover the sex of the baby ourselves.

§ The option for my husband to cut the cord

§ To hold our baby immediately after the birth. (We'll cover the baby with our own blanket that we'll bring from home.)

§ For all newborn procedures (weighing and measuring) to wait until I have had time to bond with and breastfeed our baby at least an hour

§ Assuming blood loss is acceptable. I’d like the option to have or not have the routine Syntocinon injection to help deliver the placenta & in the event of declining the Syntocinon, no controlled cord traction. Please let me have half an hour to a hour to deliver the placenta naturally if I decline.

· To wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating before clamping (or at least 3-5mins), to allow my baby to receive the valuable blood and iron stores.

§ For baby to be given only breast milk – no water or formula.

§ That the baby has Vit k and Hep B shots shortly after bonding time.

§ I would like my husband to stay with me for as long as possible so that the baby has time to bond with him


If baby and I are well, I would like my baby to decide his/her own due date. Should labour induction become necessary at any time, I'd like to start with the least artificial means first - i.e. nipple stimulation, massage or a stretch and sweep before a medical induction. I would like time to allow the natural inductions work.

If this is unsuccessful and a medical induction or augmentation becomes medically necessary I’d like:

§ To only have my waters to be broken at first instance if my cervix is open. I would like to be given a generous amount of time for labour to establish upon rupture of membranes before other forms of medical induction / augmentation. I would like to go home if all is well, until labour is established.

§ If I require Syntocinon, I would like a very low dose, to be increased gradually and slowly. Once my labour is established I would like the option to choose to stop the dose being increased, lower the dose or stop the drip to allow my body to continue to labour without artificial oxytocin.


If a caesarean becomes medically necessary I’d like:

§ For my Husband to be given the option to be with me regardless. I believe he can make his own decision on if it would be traumatic for him to be there or more traumatic being out of the room watching.

§ For discussion to be respectful and minimal - only what is required medically and to inform me of what is happening

§ For the screen lowered so we can witness the birth of our baby

§ Unless prevented by medical emergency, I would like my baby to be placed on my chest while you complete the procedure

§ To be sure that a double layer suture is used and not a single layer in order to improve my chances for a future VBAC

§ For the cord to stop pulsating before clamping for reasons mentioned

§ I would like only my husband to hold our baby until I am fit and able.


Anonymous said...

oooh...i hope all goes well and you have a trouble free birth. My best wishes r with u...

maria said...

thinking of you tiffany xox