Friday, April 11, 2008

Iron Chef Tia & Chocolate crackles!!!

Ah gotta love em..
250g block of copha, melted.
4-5 cups cocoa pops (my rice bubbles always go soggy?)
1/3 cheap cooking dark chocolate block, melted.
1 tbsp of good cocoa
1 cup of coconut
1 cup of icing sugar or mixture


maria said...

Brilliant! Great job, I'm glad you made a video of the chocolate crackle making process! I've never tried them with Cocoa Pops though! The choice of music was "spot on"! I'd love to try your baking/cooking one day!

Anonymous said...

sugoi kawaii des ne

Tiffany said...

ah good to hear it works.. seems like i have yet another flash bug and can only watch the movie for 2 secs at a time with no sound.. (this is after hubby spent one morning watching alot of wow animated you-tube vids and watching some match the hole vids) why me?! :(