Friday, April 18, 2008

Kengo Zero Xbox 360 Review

Watched hubby play, not afraid to say he is one great gamer. he played this on the normal difficulty and even then it was a bit hard to play. Then on easy difficulty he had some issues.. he said something about the game requiring more skills than most gamers actually had.
I thought it was interesting, if not repetitive .. how many games is musashi in anyways *yawn* Not that you expect to come up against him so early in the game?!!! err.. anyways each stage is like the last, beat up a bunch of ronin or thugs while walking thru a level and get to the stage boss guy *and repeat* the sound effects at the end of level when collecting experience points to spend on skills was awful!!!!! The skill map/tree was interesting.. the skills not too bad.. however counter attack and timing was a bit crazy, impossible for any novice. And thats all the game seems to offer. If you want a good samurai game, stick to the best one so far being Sword of the samurai on ps2.
End story: We returned the game and spent $69 on a different game.

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maria said...

Hope the new game is good?