Friday, April 4, 2008

power is out..

today is a wow-ee dust storm gale force wind-ee day.
i thought to myself.. yeah the power has gone out for like the 3rd time today..
good thing i have a laptop i wont be bored.. i lurve u battery power... and then it hit me
darn the modem and the router.. why couldnt they be battery powered too?
Meanwhile i have some goji berry and sultana cupcakes in the oven.. im guessing the power shortage is going to make them rather flat! I then think of chefs cooking souffle.. and laugh. Yeah it could be worse.
I can hear my neighbors outside talking (shock) about whether the power is out with them too.. rofl.. i dont know why they are complaining its not like theres anything on tv worth watching.. but then one of my neighbors deals illegal movies and dvds (i dont like piracy.. but i do think its much worse if you try to sell stolen stuff for your own profit)
funny, the oven timer has gone off but its been like 5-10minutes since the power has gone off and hasnt come back on.
Im thinking about the effect it might be having on the fish n chip shop.. that is if anyone is braving this weather for some..
i do like this weather... altho i prefer rain to dust..
ive looked out the door previously this morning and seen a swarm of dirt fly past (the joy of the front of our flat looking across the old driveway) that at least was interesting.. until i saw the dirt around our front door.. theres no way i want to increase my cleaning just because i had the door open..
luckily there was enough heat in my oven to finish cooking the cupcakes! yay!!!

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maria said...

Will come back soon! I hope the cupcakes turned out? Whenever I've had the dried Goji berries I get terrible colic-type pain in my bowels! The Goji juice is great though.. only ever bought 'shots' or had samples... too expensive! I'd love to have some on hand for the health benefits!

Have a good Sunday my friend.