Sunday, February 22, 2009

breville wizz mix professional stand mixer prezzie

Ive been using my new christmas present! :) and decided lol, i should probably blog about it.. seeing as its late feb already!

I had been eyeing off this beautiful kitchen appliance for quite a long time, waiting for it to be on special... or perhaps be released in green (Not going to happen)
If it wasn't green i was deciding between the silver/platinum look and the red... So many decisions..
It wasn't cheap so i did do my research into the best mix masters... and since my budget is only half? of that of a kitchenmaid...(which i'd have to hunt down to goodness knows where to buy) well.. i wasn't going to get one of those. Altho it would be a preference.. having all those attachments a mincer too?!! would save in the cupboard space but then how often would i make my own mince?!Altho style wise i dont like how the kitchenmaids look.. must say the attachments for the breville are funky!The pav in its mighty glory..... before it sinks after i take it out.. out of practice!

Goji berry cupcakes... late addition of vanilla.. how could i forget??!!Goji Berry cupcakes all mixed and ready to spoon out.

Choc chip cookies (recipe without PB) mix.. looking yummy!!!!!!
Out of practice again... giant thin, chewy, hand size choc chip cookies

My review: Its pretty cool.. many settings (think ive forgotten one?); folding, mixing, beating,creaming, whipping and the last one aerating (yet to get there)

I do find that when i'm creaming sugar and butter it sticks to the side, so when it comes to adding the egg it needs to be scrapped off the sides before turning on again. Only a tiny bit at the bottom usually is left un creamed or mixed, but so tiny u can mix it altogether and not notice.

Is awesome with the whisk attachment... can't leave cream on and walk away as its quick to whip! Pavs go stiff nice, easily and quick.

Its pretty quiet, compared to my mums old one (if she still has it.. must be as old as me!) and much quieter than previous hand held mix masters!

Easy to lift beaters out of bowl and no chance it will fall back down when your trying to scrape off the mixture.

Easy to take beaters off and on!!!! YAY!!!

Not much room when it comes to adding ingrediants into the bowl while working. So needs a bit of careful addition or just turn it off and lift attachment/head out of the bowl.

Love the big bowl and big attachments! I'll have to get around to making one of those 10egg whites pavlovas one day... lol!

am yet to use the dough hook... while i do appreciate and love using my hands to play with pasta dough (rare) and feel like a jamie oliver (visions of mixing in the egg yolks into a pile of flour on a bench.. yes why use a bowl?!! LOL!)

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Jenna said...

yuuum make some cake

maria said...

*Congratulations* on the new appliance! It looks great! ^^ All of the "mixtures" pictured look so lickable.. and I love the look of the choc-chip cookies! Mmm Mmm....

I shopped around for a Kitchenaid (can I say.. no 'm' in that)-- but not because I was going to buy one. I was lured by the idea of a layby.. with no time limit.. as long as you make regular payments. Some places offered the free cookbook (worth $40?).. some offered an attachment as a bonus.. some just $30 to $50 off the $700 price..thereabouts. The different colours lure you too... But yah.. too expensive for the moment.. Have other priorities. I really do hope you enjoy your new 'baby'!!

I can understand how you'd like to make pasta all by hand.. but I'd suggest the dough hook when making bagels (that you boil first before baking). I had Fred to make the dough..(the first and only time I've made bagels). It really required patience and pounding and strength.. not for carpel tunnel hands. With the Kitchenaid's I like the idea of the icecream churner attachment too. Where can you buy the attachments for this one?

I was surprised that there wasn't much room to pour in ingredients when you have the machine running.. but looking at the pic's.. doesn't look too bad. I think it's great that it's not noisy too. This was a well-kept (albeit unintentional?) secret! Keep sharin' what you bake/make ^^ !