Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lameway er Laneway festival

Reading up on the news i came across a article...

basically it said that due to mass numbers (all ticket holders paying out $100) they had to shut doors to keep ticket holding fans out of stage areas (like where u stand to watch a band on a stage).... interesting

Ive never heard of the laneway festival b4, its held in the cdb Melbourne (and in other cities) and boasts indie music as its main drawcards.. i guess also the fact that its held in the streets??? little lonsdale(sp?) was mentioned.. would make it that bit different and interesting??

Anyways from what i read stages where walk away (on different streets) there was ONE toilet block on offer... so i pity anyone walking in the same spots today!! IT MUST REEEEEK!!! (especially in the heat?!!) PEE-YEEW!!!! You had to line up to get in to any stage area.. and apparently people would line up to see a band and by the time they got in that band had already played and finished! OUCH!

But i guess the real thing thats up laneway goers is that the company behind the festival blames the crowd of people at the event for having to close the doors.. leaving some crazy people to climb and get in dangerous spots.. and yet the company isn't accepting that the locations weren't thought out.. that ticket/crowd numbers werent thought out (another big money grab no doubt) that managing the crowd wasnt thought out..

While i might be on some sort of live music hiatus.. not purely by choice.. and i feel old just thinking about how many years ago it was since i went to a BIG event (not something meant to be "little event" like lameway er laneway (no really thats how i typed it.. lol) Big Day out in sydney 2000... 9years ago!! I bought a bottle of coke for $6 and kept it for a year or so (empty).. who pays $6 for a 600ml coke?!! Big day out is always well planned, lots of toilets, planned acts on different stages.. true i did mostly miss out on foo fighters due to lining up to go (and once u get there u dont need to go anymore.. whats with that???!!!) i opted to go to the toilet block and avoid the rental portable loos...

(Its very sad that girl died at perth big day out this year.. and the fact that she took them for fear of being caught out by the sniffer dogs and yet because she was dropped off and didnt arrive by train meant she wouldnt have been searched anyways! Why take all 3 tho?! Could she not have taken one.. or just thrown them all away? ah well..)

anyways clearly these guys dont know how to do a event or accept responsibility in mismanagement and should refund those who had a right to be there but couldn't due to the size of the crowd??!! Until then i suppose the facebook site, LOL! (which was also included in the article) with all the comments left by those who went, saw and want a refund will be a ton of bad press/media for the festival.

Quickly in other festival type stuff.. i missed this years chinese new year.. but how cool did sydneys CNY look! It was the biggest CNY celebration (road parade) outside china! I also read that Melbournes china town is the longest settlement of chinese in the western world.. hmm..

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maria said...


I hadn't heard of the Laneway festival before reading your post. Nor was I aware of a girl dying at Perth's Big Day Out.. and I didn't catch any CNY celebrations at all online or on TV.

Truly, with the heatwave and preparing for work and the new school year - I've lived in a bit of a media-free vacuum (Unless it's on the front page of ninemsn news or entertainment -or Twitter, I'll miss it).

So first-wind of further govt payouts came after reading your Twitter (as I mentioned earlier today).

I wondered if you'd missed CNY cos you were so lovely to send me a card last year and I heard no news of it via 'Dust' either. But it's understandable!!

I think a Laneway festival would have a short shelf-life with me because of the crowds and lack of loo's. As for Jenstar and Fred liking it.. both of them are far more sensitive to crowds than I am (and get overwhelmed and can't enjoy what's going on or concentrate etc). What a partying lot we are eh? lol

Anyway.. thanks for the informative post! Did they charge the same for bottles of water as coke (Big Day Out 2000)?

Jenna said...

I don't like going to concerts, I'd rather just stay home and do nothing ;)