Sunday, February 8, 2009

Enough of the heat already...

So yesterday places here in Australia were hotter than the sahara, then kenya and so on... Im just thankful that i still live by the coast! Where there is a great breeze off the water and if need be theres the beach. (if i brave the UV rays, no shade etc)

Hubby decided i would be spoiled and at 11am we all headed off to the shops!Goodbye 27deg heat in our house ;)
It was much hotter outside! Hurrying off with nappies and formula supplies we went off to go shopping. Hubby decided he would look at water pistols.. i was more interested in the slime gun ;) only draw back is the expensive slime refills x.x

But we came back with none. James decided he'd had enough shopping.. we'd gone to myer (several times) in which we all came out smelling; James- Kourkos or something like that. I like frangipani (found some interesting body mists) and Tia like lime and coconut. I also found a pot that said perfume balm, but there was no tester. :(

When i got back at 3pm with the kidlets, it was 33deg cel in the house. It rose to 36 deg cels and then started dropping when i noticed it was cooler outside.

Decided to have a very early night, not even staying up to finish watching iron chef. I woke up at 5 am to a storm.. a few minutes later (we had our window open) there was a huge crackle of lightning and flash what seemed just outside. The noise was huge! I was pretty freaked out and checked outside to see if there was a tree on fire or something.. but everything looked normal.
Today has been a really nice day (max of 22deg c) with rain and storm up to lunch time. It was not until 10 had a break with the news that we found out that overnight or yesterday many lives had been lost, with fires burning in our state. :( I hope the houses lost were insured, that the people affected will go on to bigger and better things as they start over.

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Jenna said...

I often overdo with the perfume testers in shops lol ;)

maria said...

Couldn't help but notice there was no water in the flower vase (?) !

Thanks for sharing about your day at the shops. When I saw the digital temp pic.. I assumed you'd bought an air cooler or something. We have a mercury thermometer outside the kitchen window.. stuck to the window actually.. which was already there when we moved here.

My mil sent me a brief email tonight and she said they weren't looking forward to the hot weather next week. WHAT THE???!! My inlaws are always giving weather reports..telling us how many ml's it's rained in Ballarat.. or if it snows.. etc. So for a joke.. a few times when we've gone to Ballarat and we're almost there.. Paul will send a text message or get me to send one that says we are five minutes away and also "it's not snowing where we are". :-P Lol!

Lets pray "no more 30's, no more 30's"... (.. let alone 40's)..I'm so over it.