Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I found popplers!

Above is the theme song.. which is all ive managed to find on youtube..
Popplers are from a episode in the cartoon Futurama.

But here are the real life popplers (minus the whole live baby alien thing but i'll get to that..)
(what it is actually is oven ready salt n pepper squid made by pacific west?) We had oven chips, beer battered flake n salt n peppa squid for australia day dinner! Altho i just had chips ;)
Popplers are actually omicronians in their baby larvae form!
When eaten of course they didn't speak, move or have the whole face thing going on.. humans didnt know what exactly they were.. other than delicious and very addictive! You can imagine how peeved the omicronians were when they found out that humans were eating their young?! From memory they said they would eat every young human for every poppler.. but i think they had eaten more popplers than there was humans?

SO it was decided that the first person to eat a poppler would be eaten by the omicronian ruler... but she (leela) was not eaten as she had stopped eating as soon as she knew they were young aliens ( it spoke got eyes) and saved one.. it in return saved her from being eaten!

I remember the funny was that the omicronians had a nanny camera watching their babes on the nanny planet! LOL!!!!!!

Oh yeah.. as cute as the young are the uglier they get ;)

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Jenna said...

riiiight lol :-)

maria said...


maria said...


I left a comment of several lines and then a "duplicate error" message came up..and suggested I go back a page..and I did..and it was all lost...nooooooooo!

Anyway.. thanks for sharing the popplers!! That was a funny song! I've never seen that episode of Futurama is it? I'm curious about their flavour now! :).. thanks for sharing your Australia day meal..

And >< re: losing my original text x.x *shakes fist at blogger* lol !