Monday, February 9, 2009

Tia's first day of school! :)

On Monday 2nd of feb we had a interview/assessment time with Tia's teacher. We had to bring all the books and things we bought via the book list thru officemax or something like that. I was unsure whether the books had to be covered... in my school years it wasn't until high school or year 6 when they HAD to be covered. (i think because young kids go thru the books so quickly perhaps? but then our books were free and supplied by the government/school)
Anyways we did a crazy dash and had these covered just in time to leave! 8 books and 8.8m of contact later.. lol Tia wanted lil bratz covering. But i thought it would be to distracting.. i could envision her in class just looking at the bratz pictures and tuning out everything else! So I found a optical illusion pink and red metallic contact instead and cute lil bratz name stickers.

Its a good 30min walk to her school. Its lovely when the weather is nice.... but in the heat there isn't much shade on the way :( She has a school hat, supplied by the school that stays at school. So i bring along a hat from home so she has some sun protection on the way home.When tia gets to school she puts her bag in a line and goes off to play in the sand pit or equipment in the fenced off prep area. When the bell goes she has to get in the line, take out her classroom water and a piece of fruit & put her bag on. Once the teacher says they may go in she walks in to the bag room and puts her bag in her cubby hole.Then she is meant to put her class water bottle & fruit on her name on a special desk and sit down on the floor. The past 2 days (friday and monday) ive noticed she skips putting her bag away (as she has her hands full already with the water and fruit) and puts her water and fruit away and then the teacher or aid will notice she is in the classroom (about to be fully dsitracted by kids, toys etc) with her bag on her back! LOL!

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Jenna said...

I hope she wasn't to nervous? LOve you tia mwa!

maria said...

Wow.. a good 30min's away? (Tia's school)? That's a lot of walking for you every single day!!! You will need good shoes, for sure.

Great contact! That's something Paul likes to do (though we don't need to do that for J anymore). I wrap-up boxes of i.d. cards that I produce from start to finish (and do all the paperwork).. then do the whole bubble wrap and tape and brown paper..etc - so the thought of putting contact on books almost puts a shiver down my

I think if I did it now I'd get 'bubbles' in the contact.. you know what I mean?

My love and best wishes to your cutey prep girl for her first 'big school' year! ^^ !! xox