Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cult Film- Donnie Darko

They made me do it.. err not! ;) (line used in film)

It was SBS last night. I've been meaning to watch it. (been in drafts 4 awhile, not exactly christmas, NYE-like material)
At first from the clips i'd seen i thought it was some horror film.. err no.
It was great, enjoyable... and later left me with alot of questions.. gosh!
What is the movie about, well in short its about a time paradox, donnie is a bit more warped then usual because of it... he then works out he has to find the portal and go back in time to die so the world doesnt end (remember time paradoxs screw the whole time/universe/world thing)
So if you havent seen the film and still want to. Heres the SPOILER warning ;) okays..
But if you dont plan on watching it or have.. and want to listen to me ramble on about my understanding of the film.

Okay here goes. (along with my questions.. i might have to watch it again)
Frank is real, the frank Donnie sees is the Dead Frank from the future, but of course dead people are free of time and they can do whatever they want(there are 2 franks in this time).. Dead frank in the paradox (most of movie) tells donnie what to do and how long till the world ends (due to time paradox) The real frank of the future kills Donnies Girlfriend and Donnie shoots frank in the eye. Grandma Death was a nun until she got wrapped up in some sort of time paradox, she writes a book on the philosphy of time travel and describes everything like Donnie is seeing. She lives in a crappy house and constantly checks her mailbox. So i'm wondering what kind of time paradox she was caught in, how did she get out of it.. and was it something to do with the letter/mailbox?
I also wonder since donnie went back thru a portal what became of the world after he died (to end paradox and bring back to life his girlfriend) Obviously the guy gets away with his kiddy porn, his mum doesnt go on the plane, his girlfriend and the girl with the crush:'shut up' girl get picked on by the sleezeball guys who later rob grandma deaths house along with frank and his clown friend.

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maria said...

I should be writing my resume... as I have a 1pm appointment or is it 1.30? (The appt is at CRS.. where I'm doing the job rehabilitation thing). Anyway.. it's painful for me because it's something I've done so many times before.. had interviews and second interviews but the end result has always been the same. Rejection. I have been avoiding this stupid resume for yonks. I have no interest in selling myself anymore or in trying to convince people I'm worthy.. as it just attacks my self-esteem. But I have to conform.. and I'm struggling to do it.

But I came here... to this post as I saw your little mention of Donnie Darko on the righthand side of your blog. During Australian Idol (not this last season, the season before).. I remember Andy G introducing Damien Leith's song "Creep" (A song he and his wife sang to each other at their wedding)... and Andy G said it was made famous by the movie "Donnie Darko". I'd heard of the movie.. but never saw it.. assuming it was too dark...or evil? What would you say to that?

I didn't read the spoiler..and the clip you posted was very interesting..and I like the actors.

I'd consider getting it out on DVD for Paul and I.. if it wasn't too scary or dark (satanical)? I'd be interested to hear more of what you think as far as recommending it to me.

I have a reply to your email yesterday in drafts.. but I started to waffle-on re: LITS... and so I stopped.. I knew I had to take a break and go back to the email later.

Ok.. It's 11am.. I had better do something about this resume thing...

I hope you have a good day. Tonight at 7.10pm I have a parent/teacher meeting.. so from there will go to Paul's and wait for him to come home from work I guess... just a little visit since we'll be in the area.

Cheers... hugs,