Monday, December 10, 2007

full of hot air

Baby tax needed to save planet, claims expert

Its amazing how professors come up with something really stupid once in awhile, to get attention i suppose. Nevermind we live in whats meant to be a prosperous economy and with a aging population and not long ago we were encouraged to have one 'for the country'. I mean we have more baby boomers than babies.. why not tax the majority? the ones who can profit as they bought their house for $20k-$50k and can now sell for 300-600k, lol.. (see i can create a suggestion like a expert too)
We have industries screaming for workers, professions but we have little available housing and therefore cant truly afford to get more migrants in but we do.. coz we r a nice country if you come the legal way. *sigh* Its interesting to read that theirs offsets for condoms & sterilization's BUT nothing about getting checked exactly how much carbon a baby/child uses... like how you have to take your car in to get it checked if it can go on the roads or fill in forms for insurance or welfare.. and then how not to make it so it doesnt discriminate against poor families.. but then if its just poor families not paying is that discriminating against rich families who pay more than their fair share of taxes that poor families cant afford to pay already.
lets not forget there is tax everywhere in australia.. why do we need more? Should the government be spending better the tax we already pay? Doesn't this miss the agenda of big business pollution, developing countries, poor countries and all the pollution they make?
I mean in my state alone next year theres something about utilities going up by $150.. and we use 30% green electricity by choice and pay the extra $$


Maria said...

Oh no.. utilities are going up?

Baby tax? What will they think of next? You raise some very good points Tiffany!

p.s. why couldn't I have been one of those that bought a house when they were even $40-70k?! I know three people actually that did.


Maria said...

p.s. forgot to mention in the last post.. LOVELY big donut cake there!! Gimme!... (oh I'm bad..)