Saturday, December 29, 2007

the lazy one is back!

that would be me.
The internet died at my parents house in canberra early boxing day. The internet guy turned up to fix it as we were leaving for the airport yesterday on the 28th! lol!
(after they were previously told it wouldnt be fixed until monday! yikes) Its some weird internet company in canberra so once that modem dies, it cant be replaced with any other modem. A ethernet cable comes out of the wall instead of the usual telephone line. so its dsl internet and not the usual adsl?
I'm watching video hits, i'm pretty sure its a exact repeat of last weeks show/list alot of the original songs now found on singstar.
I love old 80's stuff, cracks me up! So here's a funny one. Gotta luv BIG HAIR!! lol.. oh and pirate eye patches never go out of fashion do they?

Anyways stay in canberra went very quickly. Got some lovely presents and new luggage. Got to go through our stuff that is still at mums that didnt fit in suitcases last time. Grabbed some baby clothes, books, photos, dressing gowns, toys.. Tia behaved herself pretty well.
The flight home was interesting with virgin blue.. lol.. the plane was delayed 30mins, we got to sit altogether! yay! We got to see alot of south canberra and the tons of country between ACT and VIC.. the masses of divided ranges? like the land was a piece of paper crumpled up with tons of little hills/mountains and not a flat piece of land in sight.. parliment house and the telstra tower were sooo tiny being up so high.. lol. amazing. (oh and somehow we didnt get charged for our luggage being over weight? wow)
It was nice to fly when the sun was still up.
Bit wary when we got to the airport and saw the line for the shuttle buss, however by the time we got to the 1 machine giving out tickets at T3 tullamarine the rush was over (however in 5mins time another rush would start!) I guess thats a bonus of flying virgin blue into melb you get the shuttle buss 1st, it then goes to T2 and picks up the jetstar people with a already full bus!!! eep! I got foxtel on the flight, every time the plane had to turn the foxtel would switch off.. i watched parts of some wife swap UK show(until i cant stand this one guy! his punishment for his kids was a workout! pushups, squats, situps.. when he broke the rules he denied it saying they needed proof.. yadda yadda crap yadda.. that and he had his wife fluff the rug every day with a brush! argh!!!), some 'keeping up appearances' (BBC), got CNN saying bhutto had been assassinated.. ah CRAP!, some Nigella (thats what is was called), like she had her own live-sh audience and made a cake using coke! Basically melted butter with cocoa with coke. a egg, flour, salt, baking soda and buttermilk... she had some friend or celebrity i dunno with her that was a awful cook.. (well she keep saying she was) I watched some other show where you win 1,000 pounds, basically you are your snotty-ish friends get together everyone throws a dinner party seperately, you all judge it, they usually arent the normal cooks of the house.. and then it moves onto your next friends dinner party and the next one after that.. lol.. one guy cooked a main of tex steaks.. only he could only cook them 1 at a time. lol.
anyways i will *sneeze* (sorry bout that) be back after shopping, getting our gear back from hubbys work (there just in case this place got broken into, the 360, desktop, wii, & games..)
my parents gave us $300 for chrissy!! WOW! :D
and we have to go to the post office to pick up prezzies from james parents..
and we have yet to do our own spoilt christmas prezzies.. like another tv, 360 and my dance dance universe (home ddr mat for xbox360!) ah sweet! pretty wishful thinking that we'd get all that today tho! lol!
hope you all had amazing time with family and loved ones!! Its almost 2008.. not long now!


Shar, Tim & Lilli said...

Hi Tiffany

How is it all going for you and the pregnanacy? All good I hope. Loved the clip - hard to imagine I watched that in the 80's without laughing! Was one guy wearing a cardy!?? seems like there have been a lot of computer glitches with peeps lately *touch wood* Hope it all gets sorted out soon.

Shar, Tim & Lilli said...

Oops, just in case you didn't recognise who the last post was from (have been working on a new blog) - it was from me - Shar (shasha)

Maria said...


Sounds like you caught a lot of Foxtel shows on that short flight! I love Keeping Up Appearances and watching anything 'Nigella'. I saw Wife Swap (on Channel 9 free-to-air?) last week. One Mum was a construction worker and she did the supermarket shopping in her PJ's and had an animal menagerie in the home with filth etc.. and the other Mum made all the family wear wrist bands saying "Failure is not an option" and the kids weren't allowed to have pets or friends over because of the potential mess. That lady cleaned every spare moment she had.. and sorted her husbands wardrobe out so he had his suits lined up with matching ties, socks, shirts etc. When the construction worker wife joined that 'organised' husband she asked him "Why don't you just dress yourself?"..and he replied "What do you mean?"

All the flights I've made in my life have been about 85% day time flights. Glad you got home safely!! Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. Sounds like you got some nice present there.. CASH.. w00t!! Our internet was down yesterday due to lots of power outtages throughout the day.. probably due to everyone's air-con's being on? It upset our ISP and our phone and internet came back on late at night.

I already started singing the song (to your featured video).. even before clicking on it? Just seeing the picture.. I already knew which film clip it was! Music of the mid to late 80's when I was heading into adulthood..and I danced to this stuff at nightclubs (under age).

I hope you are keeping hydrated..and surviving this heat.. BLEHHHHHH!! :-P