Monday, December 10, 2007

Hope u had a good weekend!

(pic: the biggest donut? 90,000 donuts, 1 ton of pink icing mixed by hand)
Its monday! *groans*
The weekend was good, was pretty lazy, pretty sick.. i tried to go a day without any ginger but that didn't last long.. watched hubby play video games, tia playing with her torch and enjoying it thanks maria! ;)

Been looking through catalogs and have been thinking how many celebrity perfumes there are out there!
here's a list:

Kate Moss
paris Hilton
Hillary duff
Britney spears
Catherine zeta jones for Elizabeth arden
beyonce for armani
gwen steffani
Christina aguliera
beckhams * i kid you not!*

Lol! Wikipedia has a big list
funny ones on that list: carlos santana! cher!!! Kiss!!! (i kid you not!!)
cant believe: shilpa shetty! how cool is that!

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Maria said...

Hi lovely lady! What did you & your hubby think of the KK doughnut you bought on Friday? Ours were toooo yummy! I had original glazed.. butterscotch Kruller.. and one of the Christmas doughnuts..being a choc-iced one with choc cream filling!
On the train we had folk beside us that had two dozen KK's. It's the most economical way to buy them..but sooo unhealthy of course!

You're right about the fragrances. Recently I received a sample of "M" fragrance.. Mariah Carey's one which was ok.. quite sweet and floral. Everyone is doing fragrances!

Glad Tia is enjoying the torch! I remembered the battery situation when I got home and realised "dang it..I DID plan to buy her some". I also forgot to go back and get those lovely Christmas cards I wanted.. oh well.

I hope you have a great week! :-)