Friday, August 24, 2007

graphics noob

Ok.. so i was playing around with adobe cs3 photoshop last night.. and this is my noob-ish attempts.. i just had to get the glitter thing out of my system. i know alot of people hate glitter images.. but it was interesting to me at 10pm last night.. lol.

I'm trying not to feel so confined.. im used to free-hand and so finding the effects, colours etc etc is getting easier..

yesterday i spent shopping and then recovering.
Its hard! Trying to get shopping done and dealing with tantrums from a very spoilt and strong willed child! argh! "its a disaster" (her words) looking at chocolate at the check-out and me saying 'no'. Yes the world will stop and end just because Tia cant have what she wants.

Got her another cute dress, i will have to post some pics later.

i need to get my head into project stuff. My hubby sees my time= 1-1.5hrs cleaning and the rest as free-time when i should be doing project stuff.. and yet i've got books to read and catch up on, photoshop & illustrator to learn, characters to draw and beta-testing.. (and reading blogs, forums.. lol..) at least today i sent hubby off with mums digital camera now 4yrs old and hardly works.. but she wanted it back.. figure it would be cheaper to send by courier as its going to cost min $5 by post anyways..
Done the banking stuff this morning..*1 thing down, more to go*

James got his game last night from his friend. apparenty the release date was today, but big stores had started selling it thursday. Myer advertising for $102 or something maybe 109? i cant remember. but scanned at $99 with the limited edition metal collector case *insert whoop-de-doo here*

BioShock is a first-person shooter video game by 2K Boston/2K Australia (previously Irrational Games). On January 9, 2006, Take-Two Interactive announced that they had acquired Irrational Games, and would be publishing BioShock under their 2K Games publishing label. It incorporates elements from role-playing and survival horror games. The game is a Games for Windows and Xbox 360 title.[5] It was released on August 21, 2007 in North America and will be released on August 24, 2007 in Europe and Australia.[6]

The game takes place in 1960 and follows Jack, a plane crash survivor, as he explores the dystopia of an isolated underwater city called Rapture, struggling to survive the mutated beings and mechanical drones within it.~ Wikipedia
It aint pretty. :/


Maria said...

Hello Graphics noob, you had me at "Sparkly Licorice Allsorts". Hehe :-) I actually like glittery things.. especially when I get cards.. I don't know why. I don't wear bright clothes or anything! I think my undies are the most colourful things I own.

I sympathise with you re: the shopping trip. My girl is 12, on the 40hr famine and committed to "no sweets" for 40hrs and she begs me for a King Size Cherry Ripe or its equivalent when we are paying for our weekly DVD's. Then she is traumatised if I don't yield. After the 40hrs I think I'll have to hook her up to a sugar IV.. she honestly.. lives for the stuff - but is a skinny thing like her father.

I'm not into video games much - but I know someone (my visitor last night actually) who used to plan her annual leave and other time off around the release of a new game and then spend two weeks holed-up in her unit playing, playing, playing!

I was *so chuffed* to get a blog comment already from you. Lovin' that you're visiting and it has to be 'meant to be' otherwise why else would 'Africa' be playing when you were reading my blog?? And duh..yes PLEASE re: sending me the MP3 of Africa!! Thank you!! I'll bury my email address deep in the bowel of your blog! the filter jug thing.. you mean ants will be attracted to it because they love the filter? Or is it just the packaging after I take the filter out? I'm so glad I got the jug. It fits on my fridge door..but my vegie crisper gets in the way when I try to close the door! How frustrating! I'll have to decant filtered water into bottles when the weather warms up.

You're a sweetie for uplifting me and when I see a comment from you.. it makes me happy (again, you're a smart girl and I value your feedback/20 cents worth.. you know what I mean)!! Have a very good weekend..I look fwd to AFRICA! Reminds me of early 80's which is the time I went overseas to Yugoslavia to visit my Hungarian relatives for 2.5months. A trip that left the deepest impression on my soul (and I'm yet to go back if you can believe it.. it's a dream). Take care.. have a great weekend too!

Christine said...

I love anything that sparkles. :)