Monday, August 27, 2007

monday cleaning day


1) clean walls (we moved into this place and the ceiling was yellow and the walls were yellow.. the doors are strangely stained yellow too. The carpet in our room was replaced so im thinking someone died here (ew) and it took awhile to figure that out? (double ew.. but maybe im just been brainwashed by the many years of constant death-shows on tv (csi, SVU etc etc).. far out!) its the whole house.. its like the person before (single dad i believe) never had a hot shower! as with our hot showers in the bathroom the yellow has been seeping down the walls and dripping off the ceiling (the bits i couldn't reach) and thats what im cleaning today..

2) Clean up the usual weekend-mess-of-a-house. Tia's toys are everywhere, cables and leads everywhere. i dont know how it happens but when hubby is home not a inch of my body wants to clean the house! so it gets messy (unless i know someone is visiting, which is not often)

3) Clean the bathroom, toilet, basin etc

4) Do the dishes..

5) Go to the laundry mat (1st need to figure out what to take to keep me dying of boredom or dying because Tia is bored and decides to be a brat)

6) get Tia to water her plants (1 a pansy the others i have no idea but they are great at flowers which is why she picked them)

7)Vac the house with my little vacuum (the ones only to clean up spills of food kind) yes i have to bend down, and yes if someone recorded me zipping around the house just as its about to run out of batteries i would win Aussie funniest home videos.. (so hubby says)

8) Get tia to clean her room. last night i found this. (we have built in robes but its mainly a hanging closet-thing and even when i do hang up all her clothes she cant reach them. so they stay in her suitcase as we havent gone out and gotten anything else yet) so this is on top of her suitcase. Bubbles and Buttercup are having flowers pulled apart served on a plate (a wing from her transforming horse/pegasus/unicorn toy)

9) Take out the bins and put at curb.

10) Organise all these cables and leads.
11) Fix my painting up so it lines up straight with even gaps between them
12) Find any artwork of Tia's on the walls and scrub off
13) Organise all the paper stuff in our room (bills, payslips etc)
14) See about getting Tia into the community childcare centre so she has someone to play with.


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Christine said...

Sounds like you have your hands full girl! If you make it thru half of this list you deserve a medal! Take care!!

Maria said...

I feel for you re: having to clean walls and ceilings. We have two chandeliers in our lounge/dining combo..and they are grey and fuzzy with dust. I can't do them 'cos of my heart (raising arms up).. So a lady from church says she will do them when she gets back from her holiday! WooHoo! I still have a very greasy electric hotplate to clean.. from the previous tenant.. She must have just used the one hotplate (we have electric coil hotplates) and cooked with a lot of fat. I don't envy your list of chores... eerrgh! I have much unpacking and sorting to do still..but I find I've been spending half the day doing something I've rarely done in the past consistently and that's BIBLE study and listening to worship music. Someone told me not to feel guilty about spending this time..(as in, on myself.. relax.. soak in God).. as it's what's needed in my current "life situation". Re: the Christian bookshop.. the one we are going to tomorrow is "Koorong" in Blackburn (it's not in the CBD), I've never been there. I don't have the money to buy anything and we can't afford to go out to lunch (neither me or my buddy -and the shop has a cafe too..drats!).. so I will browse.. I will be diving into rent money if I get anything. I have my VCR and WW meeting money put aside and that's it. I'm sure I'll see many things I want to buy (especially marriage related).. it won't be easy - but I guess I'll just write down the titles of the books I want and maybe browse for them on eBay? Or keep them in mind for a future trip? We have a local Christian book shop called 'WORD'.. it's good ..but small. We are also looking at the drive up as "girl time" which will be good, just to chat with someone. I've only just made this 'connection' with this lady from church.. around my age and she was married the same time as me 2 years ago (she was a single mum too). Reaching out is really helping me. And that includes blogging! Anyway.. I do wish you the best with all those chores. Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

Tiffany said...

theres a big korong between sydney & newie everyone used to go to.. i've been tempted in their catologue a zillion times let alone a whole store! lol!