Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i choo-choo choose you

(simpsons reference: ralph & lisa valentine episode) I cant get that line out of my head! (hopefully putting on some music will help!)

How did Monday go?
Well i got 5/14 things done. So this is what happened: I decided to catch up on blogs & forums in the morning. i did my rounds, then i get a text from hubby. "i have no morning tea, no lunch and no money :("

So i get dressed, get tia dressed.. found $60 (i had hidden it under mess so it wasnt visible from the window) grab his lunch from the freezer, walk to the corner shop bought some crisps.. drag miss Tia out of the shop (how dare i take her to the 'lolly shop' and not get her anything!) she cries, demands and behaves like a spoilt brat the whole way to hubbys work.

We get there and Tia still would rather have a lolly than see her daddy, shes putting on a great display, arms crossed etc.. the boss's wife a lovely lady comes and gives her a cuddle, leaves and returns with 2 lollipops! (she is really uber lovely..) Now Tia has a form of sugar in her hands she is happy and wants to see her dad.

I give him his food once he stops running around like a headless chicken getting last-minute-stuff down for his uber lovely boss. Then its mentioned that i am here to do some painting? pardon? hubby "uh i hadnt actually asked her yet" (he means recently..) hubby continues to work his heart out.. "are you just going to stand around?" what? pardon?! you said something about painting.. so a decision, go home and clean my house OR do some painting, but i have to go home and get my paint brushes..

on the way home i visit this small op-shop and found Tia a good pair of shoes, they look brand new like they were never worn, $2? bargain! for a pair of pumpkin patch shoes! return home, collect all my things, have lunch watch Dr phil on the online-baby-adoption scammer chick episode.

At work hubby is hiding somewhere.. cant find him. I meet his friend/co-worker's wife and their adorable bub (envious of the age of 9months, babies sit still, they dont give attitude and they cant draw on walls yet!) she is also painting. YAY i have someone to talk too!

I do my painting, sit and wait for it to dry and leave with hubby at 4:50pm-ish, we visit a furniture shop on the way home for a new computer desk.. have a look around, not bad! Tia is happy to play Nitendogs (lolly and daisy) while we wait.

I get home and start thinking bout my list! ugh! i clean the walls in my bathroom as i cant stand it much longer.. and then think to myself, what am i doing? its not like i work.. i can do this all tomorrow! hehehe. altho i got a small, tiny taste of what its like to be a working mum.. i cant say i envy them at all! Kudos to them, but its not for me..

haha! isnt that cute/gross/funny valentines day card?!

Tia has just woken up at 10am! wish i could do that, i was woken at 5am by someone taking their bin down the loud driveway outside our window. 6am by hubbys alarm and then again at 7:45am.

Now to get stuff done and get out to the laundry mat! $3.20 for a top loader and $6 for a front loader BUT $1 for 6.5mins in the dryer?!! GAH!!!!! i think i will hang it inside after i drag it all home! why are dryers so expensive in victoria?! why do they make flats with no clothes lines? and no laundry's? We really need to find a bigger place.. on the other side of the highway!

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Maria said...

You'll have to enlighten me Tiffany re: the painting. Did you paint a picture... or walls? The purpose of it? Were you paid or was it a favour? Sooooo inconsiderate re: the neighbours and their bins.. ugh! Similar things have happened to me before..except I lived near elderly folk like now.. the bins would be emptied at 6am (woken up then) and the old folk would wheel them back in within 15 min's (woken up again). I do hope you find a nicer place in a better location one day soon.. I want that for you! :-)