Sunday, October 21, 2007

Feelin soooo Spoilt!

(pic~ frankston station on the opposite side the train comes in on..looks dingy huh!)

Well where should i start?
LOL! Ok friday night we took the train in to the city, all nice and slow which was so nice compared to the usual rush-rush some trips/vacations/outings have.. we got into the city at 8pm, checked in at the formule 1 hotel.. to find out that it was a different room and wasnt exactly made/cleaned.. (see pic) we figured they had over-booked the standard room so we got the upgrade (just a extra bed) then we went out into the city and i took the role as 'tourist' taking photos of just about everything.. trams, lights, buildings.. that was fun! (pic~ flinders st station i think)
Had bad takeaway, KFC.. hot rods just about burnt a hole in my mouth soooo spicy! people sitting next to us were french tourists turning a shade of red eating them too. To think DH went for the interview and had the job there if his current Job came thru.. funny enough all 3 jobs DH went for, 2 offered and 1 tried to talk him out of taking the job! And the one he has now is the one where his Boss tried to talk him out of accepting the position as a production worker! ^^ God came thru for us!
I love being in the cities at night! Especially in sydney.. but melbourne was close!
Walked around a bit, went to chinatown... and the rest is a bit of blur.. DH and I hardly slept at all the night.. it was awful, perhaps to hot (aircon is noisy and right over the top of tia.. not to mention the aircon sucks in the curtain so they are really all BADLY designed rooms.. but for a cheapie hotel who can complain? OH and thanks to the irish guy who decided to have a chat in the hallway at some sort time in the morning when i was almost off to sleep.. ARGH!)
the next morning we set off to go shopping! Had maccas breakie one of those evil deluxe breakfast deli choice rolls ( 2 bacon, 2 sausage patties, 2 eggs on a 6inch roll).. walked to melbourne central.. and we were like... oh how many times did we walk past this place?! lol! (before finding our flat we lived in the city in cheap hotels, the same formule 1 (once it opened) & hotel enterprize which is opposite southern cross station)

So i took DH and Tia to max Brenners (no surprise there!!) and to patchi (for more chocolate browsing etc) went to Borders (to get a magazine for DH, but they were out! I got book 3 in my Rozen maiden manga series & Tia got a powerpuff girls book)
~~ pictures & more to come~~
So we went back to chinatown.. Went to the Sanrio shop!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! thats right, i got spoilt!!! The Hello kitty shop!!! *faints from prices!* i was encouraged from DH to get something (so we could leave!) and because i was getting spoilt! i got a new wallet and another wallet/pocket thing either for a camera or my palm (which i rarely use) and tia got a sheet of stickers for $5!! OW! 0.o It felt good be surrounded by hello kitty stuff (however i think testosterone and hello kitty clash, there was another couple in there and the dude said, 'i'll wait outside' i bet they hear that as much as a bra/underwear shop! hahah) I also got a hello kitty membership and yes, i cried! weird? perhaps.. LOL! (not that i care)
In the chinatown/target arcades are these mobile charm capsule machines.. and theres usually a hello kitty one.. (and there was) but there was also ones for I love Egg!!!! (the cops n robbers series!) to be cont..

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Maria said...

Sounds like you had lotsa fun! Aside from the sleeping quarters and having trouble getting to sleep! I'm a hotel snob and never usually stay anywhere that's less than $130 a night!.. It's not often I go away.. so when I go away, I want a hairdryer, an iron.. and/or a kitchen/microwave etc etc. More often than not I get pay tv/spa etc too thrown into the deal. For me it's all part of the experience.. the place I bunk down for the night.

I tried the KFC hot rods just recently and didn't find them too hot. I find Wicked Wings much hotter & hot and spicy chicken when they have it. I enjoyed them with the lime mayo. Maybe the rods can vary from batch to batch?

Your city trip sounded exciting.. especially exploring at night. I'm so glad you got to go to the Sanrio store..and Max Brenner's! Did you have your orange hot chocolate again?

Was it the "Morning Glory" store you went to? Do you know which store I'm talking that is all Sanrio/Hello Kitty from memory. I usually leave places like that with a coloured gel pen or something.

Looking forward to the next part..! :-)

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

Great photos, Tiffany! Pity about the hotel room and not getting any sleep.

Lucky you getting spoilt :) I can't believe the prices of some of those things! Nice when someone else buys them for you

I haven't tried the KFC hotrods. I don't like spicy food so they'd probably be too hot for me.

Jadey 0:-) said...

We all deserve to be spoilt sometimes (hence why I named my business spoilt :p) So glad to see you are doing so well. Things seem to have settled for you quite a bit which is great.

You should try Koko Black - Makes Max Brenners look like nestle. :P

Tiffany said...

koko black eh! i shall look it up! ;) thanks for the tip jadey! btw settling in very well now! ;)

;) i love rooms with spas, kitchen and everything.. but i was happy to be in the city no matter where i was, perhaps it meant i could spend more on hello kitty stuff and still feel ok? lol! ^^

i think the arcade name had something to do with morning, or mid-something..