Friday, October 19, 2007


I've been busy lately, i normally use that term very lightly.. as in ive been busy... playing video games! or i've been busy shopping, cleaning and video games..
LOL! i dont envy busy people! But once in awhile i enjoy a day where i dont get to sit down and play video games or become a vegetable in front of a soapie.. (rare as that is)
Ive been busy shopping, then i've spent more time in the kitchen. (i fear this will be another bradly scatter-brain post) yesterday i made 4 batches of my fetta meatballs and put them in the freezer. I had to use up some ham i had in the fridge (as i bought more) so i made pizza pinwheels, 2 batches. One went into the oven, the other into the freezer! (as i heard a good tip was to freeze them beforehand, as i have trouble with it all just falling apart) The next day i took the pinwheel log out of the freezer and let it thaw for a bit til i could slice it up and the freezking trick worked a treat!!

I also can't get out of my head the best advice i heard for proving yeast. (needed in the pinwheel & my naan recipe) that the water used should be the same temperature of blood. It sounds gory to me now.. but fascinating and it does work ;) really well..
Today Tia went to her childcare/socializing session, i then continued to the shops, i walked past a cafe in the shopping mall (it usually smells like drool-worthy real butter on a warmed croissant) but today it smelled of bacon and reminded me that amongst all the tidying,organising of this morning i hadnt had breakfast.. so i avoided getting something healthy (as i would bawk at the price and get something cheap from maccas) and avoided deciding to get a roll at a bakery (as i knew i would end up telling myself that a cheese n bacon roll, pastry is healthy or end up with some yummy danish scroll!) so after getting sake, i was feeling dizzy.. (i dont usually miss breakfast) So i went and got the milk, decided on a breakfast bar of a nice kind (not a bowl of breakfast cereal compacted into a bar) one of those A.O ones? and a energy drink.. Mother, even tho i dont like it, it was cheaper than water, milk or juice.. and i thought i could do with a sugar hit.

Anyways got home (all fine and buzzed!) and now its time for operation laundry! 3 loads today! clothes, towels and bedding! (good thing my book is so interesting) I now have laundry hanging on my curtain rods and sheets hanging on wardrobe doors.. and duvet covers hanging over more curtain rods! As usual, it was lunch and right next door is the fish n chip shop! I could smell the burgers, i could smell the chips! argh! I decided i'd resist and just keep reading. Now i've eaten 4 pieces of lite peanut butter toast at home, but im trying to convince myself its better than 2bux of chips and a battered sausage (which i dont normally eat.. but the deep frying makes it taste better?!!!)

and my thoughts?

Well while on my childless walk to the shops.. 2 guys past me (at different places along the walk) and were friendly and said 'morning' or 'hi' it had me thinking.. i walk this way nearly all the time with Tia would they have been so friendly if she was with me? (does it really matter? i guess it does) without DH or Tia with me.. what do i look like? A university student? a worker on a day off? what do i look like when its just me, tia and the shopping trolley? are people judging me? (am i meant to care? do i care? should i care? why on earth do i care?) Ok, i probably look like a single mum, who cant afford a car.. (but then the buses around here are not the ones im used too.. its like they belong doing trips between cities or something! u wouldnt take a shopping trolley on them!) but then whats so wrong with being a single mum?
In this western society we are OK with divorce, so why arent we OK with single parents?, why do single parents feel so shunted and look down upon? and dont we live in a western society that believes that living with someone, not getting married and having kids is OK? yet if that relationship falls thru then they both can become single parents..

It just has me thinking..

We allow people to take their journeys, whatever it may be.. but then went they hit end of the tunnel, even tho we know a divorce with kids is going to lead to a blended family or a single parent family then people believe those kinds of people have some sort of shame? as if they failed? or something? and then that makes them beneath others who a) are married or b) are single??!! Or am i completely wrong? (i just agreed in my head with some sort of OK-ness with communism can u believe that?! lol)

Am i better than a single parent, just because im not?! Hell no.. but why does it bother me so? Is it because im being judged or feel like im being judged wrongly? or being shunted coz of someone judging me? *sigh* Is 25 still young? hell do i even look 25?! Theres this mum from the childcare centre, she admits to having greys and dying her hair.. and she is short! And she looks no older than a day past 15!! (but she must be close to her 30's!)

Well i had better run off and go collect Miss Tia (who will as usual not be happy about leaving)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! (and that u guys have had a great week!) apologies but no time to make my post all pretty and give it pictures ;)


Maria said...

It's an interesting point Tiffany. I think we do look different minus husband or minus kid/s or minus both. As with overweight people who lose a lot of weight - they get treated differently. I remember being treated differently.. better..when I lost a lot of weight.

You have been very industrious in the kitchen! Your husband must be lovin' you! I knew the thing with the yeast.. but I've been a foodie a long time. When I read about the fetta meatballs I was thinking.. "now are you sure they're not marscapone meatballs?"..hehehe! Had to get that one in.

You did so very well passing on those food temptations by the way. But [slap on the wrist] - don't forget to eat brekky..!! Mother is no way to start the day!! hehe.. I could never have any of those kinds of drinks - they'd give me heart symptoms instantly.

And speaking of the smell of bacon.. I so dislike those Macca's commercials that go "Bacon, Bacon, Bacon... blah, blah, blah BACON".. Talk about cashing in on the power of suggestion.. drives me nuts and my girl knows now to MUTE the telly when that ad comes on!

Yes.. 4 pieces of toast with lite p/b is far better than chips and something battered.. fat wise and calorie wise.. I'm proud of you! ;-)

Christine said...

Good input on the yeast - but yet my mother always kept the yeast in the freezer and pulled it out when she used it. I am not much of a homemaker and would love to improve on that - so I need all the help that I can get, haha.