Monday, October 1, 2007

Whatcha been up to?

Well the weekend is over and its the dreaded Monday. (cleaning day)
Hubby spent almost all weekend working at home, i've been told this means he can come home from work on time this week and play video games with me 'party with you' was his words...
saturday, james got his robosapien media robot. I got a game Halo 3. Had a macdonalds brunch (the 3wk challenge of no fast food is over! yay!) and then went to a arcade/laser tag place thats usually empty (and it was) and had a go at dance dance revolution (DDR) what the? yeah i wasn't sure if you guys would know what im talking about.
id love to be as good as these guys, clearly they have to much time.. pros doing ddr

Malcolm in the middle, dad does DDR

and something more like my attempt

lol! this 5yr old ddr player shames me!

enough vids, you should have an idea now..
WOW! its alot of fun, i was laughing thru my attempt, strangely i forgot about anyone that may have been looking at me (parents picking up their kids from a laser tag party) because at least i had the guts to get up and do it! I was so sweaty and my knees were weak afterwards(had a few goes at it and did a vs with hubby) yes i beat him! haha.. and for 2 bucks we got 6 credits (theres 3 levels u can complete with 1 credit if you pass the level) some of the best arcade value EVER! lol!


Tracey said...

I am meant to be cleaning today too! lol

DDR is sooo fun! I'm going to get one of the mats that plug into the tv! What a great way to workout! lol

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

I haven't tried it but it looks fun! And yeah, I'm meant to be cleaning too....

Maria said...

This would be a fun way to keep fit! But I don't know how co-ordinated I'd be!! Good on you for beating your hubby!! And for getting up to do it in the first place! The Malcolm in the Middle dad 'Hal'.. he's such a dag.. love him!!