Friday, March 28, 2008


Look at this face! No wrinkles huh! Its due to her amazing wrinkle cream apparently.
I'll start at the beginning of the story.
We had just watched Dr phil and oprah was starting and on the ads they had a commercial for garniers ultra Lift spf 15 cream. And Tia goes "Oh no Mummy! Ive got wrinkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *runs off and comes back a few seconds later* "Look mum. All my wrinkles have gone away!"
this happens again so i went to see what she was playing with in the bathroom.. turns out that Liquid hand soap on a bit of toilet paper rubbed into the cheeks does the job.... err.. LOL

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maria said...

Haha!! How cute is your princess! Soap on the face.. too drying.. tell Tia! It reminds you what little sponges our children are.. and what an influence the media is! When I was a little one.. my parents told me I ate a whole tube of baby cream. They took me to the doctor who just told them to give me water. I was fine apparantly. No nappy rash on me!

And no wrinkles on Tia either! ;-)