Monday, November 5, 2007

getting behind in my photos!

So i said i hadn't cooked in like 3 days? or more..
these were taken last month. =D so they are old, but still yummy.
1) roast beef, potatoes & carrots.

2) Chocolate self sauce pudding (i always mix with the recipe so i get more cake and less sauce and i also put more cocoa so it doesnt just taste like brown sugar & water glue!

3) Tiramisu= coffee, chocolate, biscuit, macarpone & cream YUM!
We have My grandparents visiting from canberra tomorrow, so Tia will get to spend some time with her great grandparents! So thats what we will be doing on melbourne cup day!
Im not into gambling, and not interested in melbourne cup day other than its a public holiday down here! YAY!!! (my mum joked that since my brother had visited for a few days, then my grandparents that they would come down and visit for the rest of the week! LOL!)

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Maria said...

Oooh..nearly missed this post somehow! I actually have a post in drafts that I need to finish re: photo's in my file.. so I will finish that this arvo hopefully?!

Can I please one of each of everything yo have in these photo's? I'll take two Tiramisu's though. Mmm. Mmmmmm.

Not everything is closed here in Geelong today.. most businesses closed for Geelong cup a couple of weeks ago. Jenna is still at school today. But I don't think Australia Post will be coming today and some business's DO close locally by choice. Actually our CHURCH OFFICE is closed citing "public holiday".. whereas the Christian college carry on as normal.

How exciting.. guests from Canberra!! I hope you all have a lovely day together!! :-)