Saturday, November 24, 2007

old nerd vs younger nerd

Its election day. We had previously talked about going in 1st thing at 8am and getting it over and done with.. but we didnt end up leaving til 10am-ish!

So we walked a different way and surprised ourselves with what we found in our suburb.. more doctors, dentists, pathology, takeaways and eventually found the place we could vote at.

Its a funny thing isn't it? You see the crowd and think how many of those flier people can i get past before im caught? today it was alot like i was some famous person with my bodyguard getting from the club/restaurant to the car.. lol. 1st it was the liberal party 'no thank you!', 'Vote Labour dude!' *blinks.. he said whaaat??* then the greens 'no thank you'.. ah DH being polite and still getting thru a crowd. ;)

Got my 2 papers, and the one for the senate is a easy 1 in a box at the top or a 1 to 68 down the bottom. Well, i dont like anyone spending my preferences how they like.. (if thats how it goes)
and i always love filling out forms! BRING IT ON!

Its all done.. i think every channel on tv is doing a election thing tonight (other than ch10 who is doing one of the old star wars movies) If DH is playing assassins creed then i will have to find some online thing to occasionally look at..

Its so great that this is over.. personally i find it very hard to not be negative bout politicians that say dumb things about others.

I hate smear campaigns, fight policy! i wish they would keep it clean! don't you?


Shar said...

Our little area a much more sedate affair. I did feel a bit mean after telling the lady from that fred niles' party that she "must be joking" when she handed her flyer to me. She looked so bewildered. The 'de-Nile' party I call it. But she is obviously passionate and I could have just said "No thanks".

I wonder what it would be like to have a non-nerd leader? Have we had one? I suppose Bob Hawk couldn't have been called a nerd, but I don't really remember him. Garrett for that would be interesting!

Gail said...

Isn't it amazing how alike they look when put side to side?
I wish I could get my head around polotics, like why don't the other parties get more lime light instead of just the two and how do those preferential votes work? Green's went to labor this year. It really is like comparing apples to pears to me. Both have promises, and both have negatives, so you may as well toss a coin, unless there is a particular issue that you are following.

Maria said...

Oooh.. I clicked on "email post to another person".. I've not done that before..and didn't know you had this feature Tiffany!

On election day.. I had already voted (by post) but my girl and I went up the street to the local primary school as they had a trash and treaure going.. That was fun! Oh but I just remember.. I wrote about that didn't I.. yes.. cos you already commented about the Jenga game we bought. Doh! Forgot!! Your picture alignment in this post was great! And funny captions too! :-)

Thank you for your generous comments on my blog btw!

Today.. I am spending $70+ on my cat.. who's one eye is closed over with pus or something.. Conjunctivitis? Bleh! I feel sorry for her.. but I could cry because I had that money put aside to pay for the internet in two weeks.

I'm rambling... You have a great day! :-)