Saturday, November 3, 2007

much to do

Been busy playing host, cleaning and playing video games, even volunteered some time to help out at DH work putting keyrings together (well in the assembly line i was putting them in bags) they didnt need any help i suppose but 2,000 keyrings to put together i thought i'd help out and talk to the new guys, DH and my brother.. one of the new guys is healthy looking and said he was doing body for life.. how interesting! ;) i think he was suprised at what i knew about the program. he said he had one of my brownies and wrote it down in his food diary! LOL! i proceeded to tell him exactly how evil it was 200g butter, 2 cups brown sugar.. etc
anyways i need to get some time and make some videos..

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Maria said...

Hello lovely lady :-)

You've done very well to come and say "HI" at your blog considering you're busy and have a house guest! So you did the assembly line work for free?!

That brownie that went in the journal.. we could all learn from that. I'm guessing he might have problems like the rest of us and if he doesn't follow a plan, then he becomes what he doesn't want to become.. whatever that is for him.

I sucked as far as weight results this week.

I have not been feeling well - but I will email you.

How's your lovely girl? Good I hope.

I hope you really enjoy some quality time with your brother.. it's nice to have family around especially when they live interstate (like my siblings do too).

Bless you :-)


Scaramouche Jones said...

You realise that 6 weeks of healthy eating & exercise later, and I come to your blog and see all those delicious cake photos.. enough to make a man throw a fit :)