Sunday, November 11, 2007

Small improvements..

We have a pretty crummy outdated and unloved kitchen (like the rest of the unit) but anyways i like doing minor improvements.. and perhaps the next person who lives here will appreciate it.. I have to live with it, so if its not up to a standard i like to fix it. (seeing as the best kitchen artists live in canada ;) )
And so i show you the cupboard under the kitchen sink. (which is always the worst cupboard i think in any kitchen!) I was a complete fuss pot and didnt use my cupboards til i cleaned them and some not till i put the new contact on the top! It was easier to begin with hardly any kitchen stuff, 7months later my kitchen is crying for space!


another shelf/cupboard:

so yes, my kitchen has 4 different contacts patterns, lol! I know, pretty daggy! but its clean, its new and its ok as long as only 1 kitchen cupboard door is open at any time. lol! I did pay only 50cents for a roll (bargain) and i think i bought 6?(so thats why i ended up with a few different types) I also did the bathroom cupboards which are chipboard and how often does chipboard get all water damaged and chipped?! so on went the contact!
Its not easy, its a fine art to get the contact on straight, around corners etc.. and i wish i'd done better, but oh well! ;)

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Maria said...

Good on you for the improvements..and subsequently blessing the next tenant! My toilet roll holder is "my roll of contact"! People have asked me will I get the real estate agent to reimburse me for my costs? Well.. since the plastic rubbishy loo roll holder broke while my daughter was using it.. I feel they would say it was our fault. Though I'm sure the thing had cracks in it and was 'distressed' in some way before we got here.

Good job Tiffany! :-)